Has anybody else been waiting around for a certain spy novel to be completed? Because I feel like I've been waiting an eternity...

But here it is:
Agent Apple

The story that had me all tangled up for the last year.
Tangled up, because it became a book that means a lot to me and when a book  means a lot to you, it's somehow much more difficult to write. As much as I adore my Nathan Christopher Coville, writing Truly Daniels has been a true journey for me. A tough one, but a good one.

You see, Truly Daniels is shy.
And I mean really shy.
And I was very nearly as shy as she.
I once mispelled words on a spelling test on purpose because I was the best speller in the class and I didn't want to be noticed for it. How's that for shy?

Now that I'm practically an old lady...well not quite yet...I've learned how to be visible rather than invisible. And I love that Truly has to learn the same life lessons I did.

Except her life lessons involve spies and terrorists, and mine did not.

I really hope y'all enjoy Agent Apple. I hope you love Truly.
I loved writing her for you.

Click on the Agent Apple link to your right and explore. Check out my character portraits and a very special travelogue where you get to see some of the amazing places Truly and her best friend, Ty, travel to in the book.

Happy reading!


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Can I get a drumroll please?

Because today I am launching

An email club that is entirely free to join.

Yep, you read that right. FREE.

Basically, I was pondering the great puzzle of how to connect with my readers and share with them my love of writing, and this was the lightbulb idea: create a club that anyone can join - parents, teachers, librarians, and writers of all ages - and send them all the wild little ideas that come out of my head. Bits of stories, drawings, creative writing tips and activities, and the many things I've learned in the process of writing and self publishing three books.

Everything is designed for kids aged 8-14, but also beneficial for the young at heart. The club can be used as a classroom resource, a way to enhance home education, or just a spattering of creativity for a rainy day.

Here's the skinny:

* To join the club, just click on the subscribe button on the right side of your screen.
* All I need is a name and an email address. No other personal info necessary.
*  There is no cost or obligation.
*  You will receive 2-3 emails per month, no more, no less.
* Each email will contain a couple of useful/entertaining items, links to great stuff I've found for young writers, and the occasional piece of news about my own books, offers, and events.
* You can easily unsubscribe at any time.

Lets face it - I live on the frozen Canadian prairie. What are the odds I ever get to meet even a fraction of my readers? You are the people that have made a writer out of me! If I can give back even a tiny portion of what you've given me, then I will be happy.

So join the storyteller's Club and make me smile.
I look forward to becoming a better writer, with all of you along for the ride.


Hey everybody!!!

Super exciting things are happening here next week and I would hate for any of you to miss out.

Please check in here or on facebook to share in the fun.

Monday Jan. 9th, it begins with a thrilling (and free) opportunity for y'all to hone your writing skills and enjoy being creative, throughout 2017.

Wednesday Jan 11th, is all about the free books.

And Friday Jan 13th, well this is the day I've waited months for...can you guess what it is?

Come back next week and be rewarded for being a reader!
And tell all your friends!