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I'm Ginger and I tell stories.
Mostly with words, but also pictures.

Welcome to my site!

I live in Alberta, Canada in the teeniest little white house, and I write and sketch all the day long.

It sounds like fun (which it is), but it's also a lot of work.

I love adventures, unlikely heroes, and a touch of magic in an otherwise ordinary world. These are the things I write, draw, and dream about.

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Middle Grade Book Bomb Y'all!

Each year that I do the Middle Grade Book Bomb I worry a little...that no one else will drop any books, or that no kids are going to go looking for them.

It's just like that first day of school when you can't help but wonder who will be in your class and if anyone will like you.

Of course, my worries are always pointless.
Because people share my love of stories.
And so they drop books and find books and read books and love books...
...and they usually like me.

Thanks to all those who participated in the Book Bomb this year.
You are awesome.

And now...
This is the story of my book drop 2017.

It was pretty much a fairytale. And by that I mean the skies were blue, the sun was hot, and I had a whopping total of eight books to drop! Yeah, I may have gotten a little carried away at the used book shop. But I'd never been in the shop before...and they had so many of my favorites...just calling out to me! Really, they were like forlorn little puppies in a pet shop, just begging for a good home.

I decorated them with colorful pom poms and tucked a bookmark and a note from me in each. I was giving away copies of my own three books, Spark, Blaze and Agent Apple, so I was sure to sign them.

On that Saturday morning, the day of the drop, I thought I would be dropping books all by my lonesome, which is very sad. My niece and nephews were going to be joining me because I ALWAYS drops books with a few middle graders for helpers. But they couldn't make it. So at the last moment I was rescued by a knight on a white horse - or a brother in a black car. Either way, it was still a fairytale.

My baby brother, Cody, who is much older than a baby, but much younger than me, brought along a book to drop and we set out together on a literary adventure. This is Cody, dropping his book, The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester.

We picked three locations for our drops: a museum that looks out over the prairie coulees, a little lake surrounded by park, and a downtown art gallery and plaza. These are places where families go in the summer, and they're also super recognizable in pictures, which means we could post some really good photo clues.

And we did...

Several authors joined the drop from places as far afield as Georgia, which is quite on the opposite side of the continent from Alberta. My local library even got in on the fun and left a few books laying around for kids to collect. My dear sister-in-law and her middle grade daughter took charge of dropping books in their neighbouring town, which means there were a couple dozen books dropped in our little corner of the world alone.

That means that over the weekend, there was a nice heaping handful of tweens settling down in some cozy reading nook to begin a new book. It feels really good to know that you gave someone the gift of a pleasant surprise - that you let them know that people still care about each other. And that people still care about paper and ink and bookmarks and cozy reading nooks.

One mom posted a pic of her three girls finding one of the books I dropped. I love it when moms do that.

Yes, the Middle Grade Book Bomb truly makes me happy.

I think it could make you happy too.

The drop will return in July 2018, and you could be a part of it.
If you'd like to receive an email notification a month in advance of the event so you don't miss it, please click here to get on my email list.

Or, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you can simply DM me and ask to get on the MGBB list. I will personally let you know when the new drop date is announced and how to participate.

So that in 2018, there will be more than a heaping handful of tweens with new books - there will be a heaping armload!