Drumroll please. Okay, never mind the drumroll.

Spark is available in paperback at last!
* Note: This is the very first cover I used when I started self publishing. I've learned a lot since then, but everyone has to start somewhere. The point is to get started!

I knew it was coming, I mean, I was the one who ordered a proof copy from the printers, but that did not lessen my anxiety as I watched out the window for that delinquent postman to arrive. Mail is always extra slooooooow when you know it's coming. I think the postal workers do that on purpose! They feel powerful knowing you're staking out the mailbox and wondering. What if my book is lost somewhere in Kansas? What if it fell out of a postal truck and someone's dog ate it? Anything could happen when the postal service is involved. I know it's true, because I used to work there.

But even the slowest mail does arrive at last. And one day, when I slid my key into the box and opened that little metal door, telling myself that there could only be bills and annoying flyers within, I was astonished by a narrow rectangle of dirty cardboard. The postman had shoved my book into the box. And by shoved, I mean he had obviously put some serious muscle into it. The parcel was wedged so tightly into the tiny box, that I was sure he had used a mallet of some kind. He must have stood there, hammering on it and giggling over how hard it would be for a gentle maiden like myself to get that thing outta there.

And that's when I attacked the mailbox.

After several minutes of pulling, wrenching, and cursing all government employees, I managed to free the parcel from its dungeon. And then it was really mine. My own. My precious. *gol-lum*

I ran home and ripped into the cardboard and then this happened...

My book. With a cover and pages and everything. Sometimes things happen that you almost can't believe, even if the evidence is staring you right in the face. And my book does stare, because it has an eye on it. See?

So I now have a copy to put under my pillow at night. The question is, do you? 

And now let's post one more picture of the happy author, shall we?