People think that writers are strange. 


But there are much stranger dudes out there.

Pro athletes for example actually believe they have to wear the same stanky socks for weeks without washing or grow a beard just so they don't lose the play-offs.

That's strange.

Singers have vocal exercises that make them sound like drowning cats.

CEOs have miniature golf in their offices.

Chefs wear those funny hats.

Judges dress up in choir robes.

And actors...well, actors are really strange.

So if a writer needs to be facing west, wearing bunny slippers, and sipping grape koolaid in order to create, it's really no big deal. Right?

Well since I'm smack dab in the middle of writing book 2, BLAZE, I thought I'd share with you my writing process. I'm afraid I'm not very strange. I don't even own bunny slippers.

But here is what I do need in order to create a novel...

1. Absolute quiet. Shhhh. No, seriously, shhhhhhhhhhhhh!
2. Ice water. I like to chew ice while I'm chewing on the plot.
3. Several fine tipped sharpie markers...I make all my notes with sharpie markers.
4. Loose fitting boy's tee shirts. Because girl tee shirts give me a rash.
5. Digital post-it notes. They saved my life.
6. Shadows. I don't like to write in bright sunlit rooms. I prefer a shadowy corner where anything could jump out at you. I don't even write scary stories. But shadows are a must. Okay, so that one's a little strange.

So that is it. No beard, no mini golf, and no grape koolaid. And now I'm going to grab a refill of ice and get back to work on BLAZE. I'll give you a few teasers in a week or two.