The MG Book Bomb is now officially one of my favourite days ever. Seriously, it should be a global holiday.

If you are an author, I'm hoping you took the opportunity to get your own book out there for a lucky reader to find. If you are a reader, I hope you were lucky enough to find a genius MG novel in your town.

If not...
Well, there's always next year. And hey! Do you really need a book drop or anything else as an excuse to get a new book? Go forth and READ THE WORLD!

So anyway, here is the story of my book drop.

It was a hot morning, unusually muggy for the bone-dry prairies, and there was much scurrying back and forth between hiding place and laptop.

But I had lots of help.

From a gaggle of kids who are unfortunate enough to be related to me; "unfortunate" because I'm constantly roping them into doing things like this. Ha.
My cousins, Ben (15) and Madison (12), and my niece Bella (8).

There were also a few smaller siblings in the mix who can't read, but who appreciate a good game of "hide-the-books" and "make-auntie-chase-me-down-the-alley". I think it is worth noting that Ben was the first kid to EVER read my books. So he's kind of my hero.

I chose the back alley parking lot of the local swimming pool as my hiding place, since it's out of the wind, public enough that people are always hanging around, and hidden enough that you need a clue to find it. I also just really like back alleys.

I posted pictures of the area online so that local readers could guess the secret location and try to beat each other to it. A simple piece of cardboard and a bright ribbon made the books stand out - and stand up (I didn't want to get them dirty). You can't tell from the photos, but I gave away both SPARK and BLAZE - the cardboard is sandwiched between them.

My talented and attractive assistants gathered weeds and rocks to form a gigantic arrow pointing toward the hiding place.

Such clever assistants.

All we had to do then was hide and wait.

And some eager readers came running! Literally.

Congratulations to the Hardy sisters, who followed the clues and got to the secret hiding place first. They were both super excited about earning two totally FREE books.
I was super excited that they were super excited.

To my helpers - thank you!
To all the other authors who participated in the MG Book Bomb - you are awesome. I hope you had fun with your own drop and plan to participate again next summer.

And to my lucky finders - I hope you enjoy SPARK and BLAZE.
I wrote them just for you.


Now we have to wait a whole year for the next Book Bomb...

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