They have these marvelous things in the book biz called ARCs. Or Advance Reading Copies. They're sent out before a book is actually published so that people can start reviewing the book and telling everyone else how wonderful it is. You know...gotta get the word out.

And sometimes, if we're very lucky, an author has an extra ARC lying around and they graciously decide to give it away to someone who doesn't write reviews, but who gobbles up books left and right as if they did write reviews.

Someone like me.

I happened to make a smart-alecky remark on twitter one day about pirates and grammar. And because the stars were aligned, or some other reason, the author decided to send her spare ARC to meeeeee!

So look what I got in the mail! Fresh off the pre-published presses. Am I not terribly lucky?

I'm thrilled to start reading Heidi Shulz's new swashbuckling adventure story. Look for her first in the series, Hooks Revenge, published by Disney Hyperion.

Thanks Heidi!

Find her here