Another year, another book drop. The Middle Grade Book Bomb is becoming a milestone, like a birthday or anniversary. For me, it marks another year of living my dream.

You see, not everyone gets to do what they love, and although self publishing is more difficult than I ever imagined, it's also the best thing I've ever done. 

So happy third anniversary to me! And a very happy week of reading to this year's lucky book finders! I hope you all love the books you found and are eager for more. Because books are like chocolate chip cookies - you can't have just one. So hit your local library and check out a stack. Read them all. Read everything. Read the world! 

This year, the book bomb was in peril at almost every step. Seriously, if something could possibly go wrong, it did. My posters got put up late thanks to transportation troubles. The blogs and websites that usually help promote the event...didn't. Then it stormed - and I mean car dinging, crop smashing, hail and rain and thunder and lightning. Finally, my own books were delayed in the mail and I had to scramble to give away even a single copy of Spark and Blaze.

Jeez Louise! 

But we rallied, my team of assistants and I. And we had a wonderful morning giving away books under dark skies that threatened, but decided not to soak us after all. 

I had the help of the lovely Bella and Mckenna, my adventurous nieces, who are aged 8 and 9, and happy to officially be middle graders.

Our target: the sweet, slightly sleepy, town of Raymond, Alberta. A prairie town much like the towns saved by Nathan and his band of angel warriors in Spark and Blaze. We decorated the books we were dropping with paper straws and swirly yellow ribbons to make sure they got noticed - and because we're just crafty like that. I also included a Kindled bookmark in each. Because everyone needs a new bookmark.

We chose tucked away corners on the main street of town to hide the books and once they were "dropped" we boogied home to post some picture clues on facebook for those Raymond tweens who were planning on doing some book hunting. 

It made me wish that I was doing the hunting instead of the hiding. What could be more awesome than hunting for free books? Unless maybe it's eating onion rings and clothes shopping while hunting for free New York City...

Anyway, four kids found the books we dropped and all four were pleased as punch. One gal even snuck away from her swim meet to snag a book before hurrying back to hit the water. This brings me an enormous amount of happiness. Bella and Mckenna felt pretty good about it too.

The moral of the story away books is a sure way to make the world a better place. You don't need an event like the Middle Grade Book Bomb to be a book champion. You can donate books in your own community, volunteer at the public library, participate in community literacy events and help your school's librarian. But never fear, the MG Book Bomb will also be back next summer and maybe you could get in on the book hiding too. 

It's a great way to spend a saturday morning.

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