Has anybody else been waiting around for a certain spy novel to be completed? 

Because I feel like I've been waiting an eternity...
But here it is:
Agent Apple

The story that had me all tangled up for the last year.
Tangled up, because it became a book that means a lot to me and when a book  means a lot to you, it's somehow much more difficult to write. As much as I adore my Nathan Christopher Coville, writing Truly Daniels has been a true journey for me. A tough one, but a good one.

You see, Truly Daniels is shy.
And I mean really shy.
And I was very nearly as shy as she.
I once mispelled words on a spelling test on purpose because I was the best speller in the class and I didn't want to be noticed for it. How's that for shy?

Now that I'm practically an old lady...well not quite yet...I've learned how to be visible rather than invisible. And I love that Truly has to learn the same life lessons I did.

Except her life lessons involve spies and terrorists, and mine did not.

I really hope y'all enjoy Agent Apple. I hope you love Truly.
I loved writing her for you.

Click HERE or on the Agent Apple link to your right and explore. Check out my character portraits and a very special travelogue where you get to see some of the amazing places Truly and her best friend, Ty, travel to in the book.

Happy reading!