Kids understand let them use it to create!

My nephew Ty is writing a zombie book. Awesome, right?

When I was his age (10), I loved writing stories, although all I had for writing tools was a pencil and the left-over blank pages of last year's language arts scribbler. If you had given me access to a computer, I wouldn't have had the skills to do anything with it. Not so with today's youngsters. 

They know how to do stuff.

So here is Ty using my laptop to learn the basics of Word. It took me all of ten minutes to show him how to set up a new document, do some basic formatting, and save his story so he can work on it whenever he wants. So he can create his own art rather than spend all his time consuming other people's creations.

Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy. Can't wait to read the finished tale.