prompt drawing

Study the picture below and read the story excerpt. Then draw the creature you think came out of the manhole. Imagine what it would need to look like in order to live underground and what sort of clothing it might wear and what tools it might carry.

If you're feeling a little CRAZY, draw the sort of home it might have, deep under the hills at the end of a long, lonely tunnel.

"I don't get it," Christa mused as she parted the prairie grass to better study the thick metal disc. "Why would there be a manhole, miles away from any buildings or houses?"
"Maybe there used to be a town out here," Darryl shrugged. He was too busy aiming his slingshot at a tall branch of thistle to care about manholes, but Christa was intrigued and wanted answers.
She knocked the knuckles of her right hand against the hard surface, expecting some sort of echo to sound below. She did not expect something to knock back.
"Oh dear!" she squeaked as she fell backward and scuttled away.
"Is there a snake?" Darryl asked, eager to shoot at something more dangerous than thistles.
Christa opened her mouth to reply but a grinding noise came suddenly from the manhole which answered his question for her.
Even Darryl jumped.
They both watched, quite mesmerised, as the cover turned slowly, around and around, until there was a crack along the rim and a hiss of warm, stale air.
Darryl raised his slingshot as if to defend himself.
Christa scrambled to her feet, prepared to run for it. And yet, she was more curious than afraid.
The cover slid sideways and tilted over onto the grass, revealing a hole that steamed ever so slightly in the morning light.
Both children watched in amazement as a smallish sort of creature that was neither fully person nor animal crawled out of the hole and settled itself in front of them as if to say "here I am."