prompt writing

Being able to describe the most boring, normal things, in an interesting way, is one of a writer's most important tricks. So take a look at the picture below, and describe your character waking up in this setting and doing the things on the following list, but in a way that tickles the reader's senses.

For example:
Instead of writing - "Pip woke up."
You could write - "Pip groaned and rolled over onto his back. It was much too early, but the sun was up and it was shining in his face."

Much more interesting! Instead of just the plain old fact that Pip woke up, there's sound, motion, light, and that icky feeling that we've all experienced on a morning when we didn't want to get out of bed.

Here's the place where Pip awakes.

And here's a list of things Pip needs to do.

- stretch and yawn
- wrap a blanket around him
- get a drink of water
- sit by the fire

Make your description of Pip's morning as interesting as you can.
Good luck!