prompt drawing
The drawers were too small to hold Emmett's shoe, let alone an entire person. If he hadn't been so terribly desperate, he would never have believed.
"Do you mean a regular full-sized kind of person?" he asked the veterinarian. He hoped he didn't sound too sceptical. He didn't want to offend her.
"Full-sized, but not at all regular," Dr. Silken replied eagerly. "Whomever comes out of the drawer you choose will be endowed with unusual powers. Super powers."
Super powers!
A person with super powers could easily round up a few escaped tigers. Maybe no one would even notice that he had accidentally set them loose. And then his dad wouldn't lose his job at the zoo!
"Okay, let's say I needed a super hero," he began tentatively. "How do I know which drawer I should choose?"
Dr. Silken's smile broadened but turned a little nasty. It didn't look natural on her pretty face and Emmett didn't like it.
"I can't tell any more than you can," she hissed gleefully. "But choose wisely. There are all kinds of powerful beings stored in this cabinet, but some of them are super heroes, and some of them are super villains. And you won't know which until you let them out!"
That was not at all what Emmett wanted, but he was running out of time. Those tigers could have crossed the valley by now. They could show up in someone's back yard at any moment. Even a super villain would be better than nothing. He scanned the rows of drawers, trying to get some sort of feeling about any of them. Then he grabbed a handle and pulled.

Who comes out of Emmett's drawer?
Is it a hero or a villain? Or maybe it's hard to tell.
Draw the person Emmett will have to count on to get the tigers back.
See if you can reveal what their super power is by how they look.

Have fun!