Agent Apple

Dearest readers and potential readers, 
I've taken Agent Apple offline as I work on finding an agent and publisher for it.
You can still get Spark and Blaze on Amazon.
I hope someday soon to be able to direct you to the nearest book store to read Truly's story, but until then, I'll just have to tease you with the following glimpses into the spy world of my imagination.

I should back to work on getting Agent Apple published.
Cross your fingers for me.

The only thing Truly Daniels has ever been really good at is being invisible - until she meets CIA Agents John Dover and Hazel Hunt, who need her help catching a nasty villain who intends to rule the world. Dragging along her best friend, Ty, Truly is off on an epic global adventure, crossing oceans, mountains, and seriously bad dudes.

She may be the world's youngest spy, but Truly's about to discover that sometimes the only way to save the world is to come out of hiding.

Parent's Guide:

As I like to say to parents and teachers, when in doubt, read it yourself. But here are a few points that may help you judge if this series is appropriate for your kids.

The recommended reader age for Agent Apple is 10+. The book is not inappropriate for any age but younger readers may have difficulty with the complexity of the plot, which deals with a political conspiracy as well as mature-ish emotional subjects such as extreme shyness and growing up without a father. The main character is thirteen years old.

There is no bad language, although there are scenes of intense action and danger. There are realistic threats to the characters as well as news reports of catastrophic attacks, but no graphic violence.

The major themes of the book:
Being yourself and not conforming to the expectations of others.
Treating people as individuals.
Believing that you can do difficult things.

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