Hello fellow authors for kids! 
I know getting your work read and critiqued can be quite a chore.
I too have experienced the awkward feedback of friends and family who don't want to say the wrong thing and hurt your feelings...bless their hearts. They don't understand that after the first dozen publisher rejections we have no more feelings to hurt. Ha!
If only that were true.

I've also felt the sticker shock that comes from looking at having your manuscript read by a "professional". Ouch. I'll always keep my reading fee as low as humanly possible whilst providing the expert feedback of a seasoned MG writer and creative writing teacher.
Anyway, how helpful, really, is advice from an author of women's historical mystery when you write for middle grade? She's not likely to appreciate tween angst...or a good flatulence joke.

So, welcome to my reading and manuscript evaluation service.

I'll read your full manuscript twice and skim it a third time as I type up my notes. You'll get a detailed evaluation of story elements such as plot, world building, dialogue, character development, etc. and a copy of all of my notes for each chapter so you can see exactly how I reacted to your story as I read it for the first time, and also as I read it again, knowing how it ends. This isn't just a ranking or a review...I go deep. I'll tear it apart and build it back up. It's a process that I love and I truly want to help you to make your beloved "novel baby" compelling, coherent and connectable. 

I swear it's a painless process...

Step 1.
Email me at gingermalacko@gmail.com with a friendly hello and a brief description of your novel. I'll read middle grade - lower YA (ages 9-14) of any genre...except sexuality and social justice. Just not interested. 

Step 2.
If I have a spot available, I'll schedule a three week slot for your novel and send you an invoice/agreement.

Step 3. 
You'll email me a pdf copy of your entire manuscript.
Payment can be made via etransfer (within Canada) or Paypal. 

Step 4.
Wait the approximate three weeks to receive my detailed report.

Step 5.
Revise your manuscript like a boss.

Pay Scale

-50,000 words                  $25.00
50,000-75,000                  $35.00
75,000-100,000                $50.00
100,000+                          $60.00

That's all there is to it. I'd love for you to peruse some feedback from a few of my recent clients. And maybe I'll be digging into your manuscript sometime soon. 

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