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meet the characters

Nathan Christopher Coville

Not one to stand shyly on the sidelines, this talented angel is always neck deep in trouble. After a lifetime of wanting only to be the best and the most "cool", Nathan is determined to be a true hero at last. He is cunning, brave, and will do whatever it takes to save his little brother, Sam. Just don't ask for an autograph. The only thing Nathan truly fears is his greatest weakness: a taste for fame.

Asher Unborn

Having never been born, Asher has never experienced life as a mortal and spends most of his waking hours trying to convince the world that he couldn't care less about mortals and all their nonsense...especially mothers. But don't let him fool you. Asher has a tender heart and despite his sarcastic remarks and his complaining, he would do anything to truly belong.

Eden Amelia Black Quill

The heart of a warrior beats inside this young lady's chest but although she can be frighteningly ferocious and liable to bury you under a rock if you get on her nerves, she is also loyal and devoted to the cause. She may be a lone wolf and not so easy to win over, but hers is definitely a friendship worth winning. 

Grayson Alexander Mendelson

The team's mega-confident Captain, Grayson is always eager to lead, eager to face a challenge, and eager to be overly dramatic. But while he likes being in charge a little too much, his optimism and determination keep the team going even when the circumstances seem the most dark.

Harmony Grace Kramer 

Joining the crew in BLAZE, Harmony is an exceptional mortal who won't stand for injustice. She protects Sam when Nathan can't, earning herself the respect of her new guardian angel friends...and the attention of Wrath and his demon minions. Her upbeat attitude and calming influence keep the team from tearing each other apart and keep them strong when they feel like giving up. 

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