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meet the characters

Truly Daniels

If shyness were an Olympic event, Truly Daniels would be a gold medalist. With a talent for going unnoticed, Truly might have spent her whole life in the shadows if it weren't for her best friend, Ty, and her new protectors, CIA Agents Dover and Hunt. But while she may occasionally disappear from sight, Truly would never run away from what's right. She'd brave just about anything to save the people she loves...except perhaps karaoke and the color pink.

Ty Moala

Think of the most cheerful person you've ever known, add another scoop of positivity, and you've got Ty Moala. Always the tallest, always the happiest, and always humming a favorite song through a mouthful of food. He doesn't always approve of Truly's hiding, but Ty has the rare gift of caring for people just as they are. He's definitely the best friend Truly has ever had - and he might also be the best spy sidekick.

John Dover

If Truly took a moment to imagine the perfect cowboy hero, she'd think of John Dover. He's strong, brave, smart as a whip, and charming to boot. He's also a man of mystery, with secrets in his past that just might have something to do with a certain timid blond girl who's name rhymes with "unruly". Perhaps he's not quite ready to reveal all of his secrets, but this CIA Agent is the man to call when you're being hunted by a criminal mastermind with a ponytail.

Hazel Hunt

This intrepid CIA Agent can do it all: karate chop bad guys, drive speedboats, disarm explosives...but she may have a slight attitude problem when it comes to being partnered with an icky boy. Hazel Hunt has a lot to teach Truly about being a spy, but she just might learn something about being a friend.

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