Note: This was formerly known as the MG Book Bomb, but I thought the title should be more self explanatory for easier hashtag use. Different name - same great fun! Read on!

Each year, on a Saturday in July, authors and book lovers from all over the map can leave a chapter book or graphic novel somewhere for some lucky middle grader to find and take home for free. It could be on a park bench, a mall food court table, a shop window ledge, a seat on the bus.

Awesome, right?

Here's how to participate:

1. Choose a new or used book for middle grade that you'd like to donate.
(a middle grader is aged 9-14)
2. Leave a note tucked inside explaining that this is the BIG Tween Book Drop and that any lucky middle grader who finds the book gets to keep it.
3. Drop the book somewhere in plain sight where families and middle graders hang out.
4. Take a picture of the dropped book and post to social media using the hashtag #bigtweenbookdrop. Be sure and post the name of your town or city. You can be ANYWHERE in the world.
5. Pat yourself on the back for sharing books in your community.

Piece of cake!

Book Drop day 2018 is...JULY 21st!

How to find dropped books.
Follow the hashtag #bigtweenbookdrop on the day of the drop and look for books that have been dropped near you. The event has just started to grow, so there may not be books dropped in your town - which just means you can be the one to drop them!
If you convince some friends to drop books with you, there will be more books to find!
The more people drop books this year, the bigger the event can grow for next year.

Click here to see my book drop from 2017! 

Lethbridge, Alberta area...
For those of you in the Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada area, you can follow our facebook page to get news and tips for participating and clues as to where books have been dropped in the area!
You can find out where authors have dropped their books worldwide by searching our hashtag on social media sites the day of the drop:

And maybe...just  maybe, you'll be  lucky enough to scoop up a totally genius, totally FREE middle grade novel in your town.

Fingers crossed!

To all authors  (including indie and self published) who wish to participate, just leave your book somewhere accessible to middle graders on the appointed day. Take a photo of your book in it's secret location and tweet it (#bigtweenbookdrop), instagram it, snapchat it, facebook it, and basically just get it out there for fans to see.

Leave your own personalized note if you like. Sign the book if you like. Whatever you do, make sure you let your lucky new reader know that you're participating in the BIG Tween Book Drop. Click here for helpful ideas on how to drop your book.

If your book release date is sometime in the foreseeable future, you can still participate. Just drop one of your favourite MG books and leave a note telling the reader about your forthcoming novel.

Are you a teacher/librarian/illustrator/bookshop owner? 
You can join the fun as well. In fact, you can be ANYONE AT ALL. Just give away one of your favourite MG books and help promote literacy in your area.

(remember, a middle grade book is a chapter book or graphic novel for ages 9-14)

Click here for
Tips on how to make your drop awesome. 

If you'd like to post the logo and link for the book drop on your own website or blog, just copy and paste the following code (inside the brackets) to your widget creator and change the width and height as needed. Your readers will be directed to this page when they click on it.

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