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Kindled: Spark and Blaze

SPARK : Kindled Book 1

Nathan Christopher Coville has always been certain of two things: that he's the most popular kid to have ever lived in the town of Temple Hills, and that he deserves to be. But that was before he was plunged head first into a gorge. Now freshly dead, Nathan isn't certain of anything except that the afterlife isn't so heavenly. Nathan finds himself deep underground, in the middle of an invisible world of guardian angels. With an impossible mission, a mentor with an unnerving secret, and a host of demons who want nothing more than to destroy him, fame and glory seem forever just out of Nathan's reach.

It's a far cry from his easy mortal life, and Nathan finds himself homesick for his friends, his family, and his fan club. But the greatest challenge of all comes when Nathan accidentally discovers a demon plot to take over his hometown. And since the angel authorities refuse to believe that a demon army is secretly amassing under their noses, the fate of thousands of people is suddenly resting on Nathan's inexperienced shoulders.

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Blaze - Kindled Book 2

Nathan and his wayward angel crew are back in this thrilling action-stuffed sequel to SPARK - and so is the king demon, Wrath, and his army of minions. When the entire county around Temple Hills is threatened by Wrath's smoke-spewing technology, the misfits of Section #71 finally get the promotion they've been working for. But life is hardly a slice of Heaven as Nathan is drawn ever deeper into the mystery of Lazarus' failing strength and the meaning of his own alarming premonitions of the future.

With the help of a mortal who can see angels and an army of special agents, Nathan and his friends embark on their dream job only to discover it's not the exciting adventure they had hoped for. Perilous missions, dangerous secrets, and a possible traitor in their midst wreak havoc on the section as the angels of Mount Ember go to war.

Nathan will need much more than courage and a good curve ball to halt Wrath's plans for world domination and restore the balance between good and evil.

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Parent's Guide :

As I like to say to parents and teachers, when in doubt, read it yourself. But here are a few points that may help you judge if this series is appropriate for your kids.

This series was written for ages 8+, although it really depends on your child's individual reading skill and maturity. The main character is aged 13. There are scenes of intense action, fighting, and incinerating demons, but no gory or graphic details. While there are creepy moments in places, it is not horror. The word "hell" is used twice in book two, Blaze. Otherwise there is no bad language. There is a hint of innocent interest between a boy and a girl in Blaze, but no romance. One of the characters was a baby that was aborted but the subject is only dealt with in passing - a matter of never having been born because he was not wanted - it's used as a device to explain this particular character's attitudes. The word "abortion" is never used and the subject does not come up again after the initial mention.

In spite of being a story about angels, the tone of the series is not at all religious or didactic. It is fantasy/adventure with a focus on character development. This is an excellent series for exploring the ideas of courage, sacrifice, and liberty. 

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