I have a lot of cool stuff in the works for you awesome homeschoolers...and those of you public schoolers who are seeking fun extracurriculars. 

If you're looking for printable activities and lessons, you can purchase PDF files directly from me until I get a proper shop up and running.

And I do have a couple of simple drawing tutorials on my youtube channel, so be sure and check those out.

For those in the Raymond, Alberta area, I've put together a possible class schedule, depending, of course, on provincial regulations. I won't finalise any dates until restrictions ease up, but I've listed the potential offerings below.

Classes that are cancelled due to pandemic restrictions will be rescheduled - but not refunded, so please be aware of that possibility. Class size will be limited to six students and held in my home studio. More info will be given upon registration which you can take care of via email to gingermalacko@gmail.com

Students who have taken my previous classes can take them again! - the same principles of art and writing will be taught, but with different lessons and exercises. I don't teach the same class twice. 

I am an accredited art and creative writing teacher with the Westwind School Division.

Spring 2021 (tentative)

Drawing Course - 4 weeks
Fridays, 1:30 - 3:00
Cost $75 per student. Ages 9+.
All materials provided. 
Students will practise core drawing principles using a variety of drawing materials.

Writing Workshop - Dialogue
Tuesday, 1:00 - 2:30
4th grade reading level+
Cost $10 per student
All materials provided. 
Students will practise the skill of writing dialogue that advances their story and develops their characters. 

Writing Workshop - Description
Tuesday, 1:00-2:30
4th grade reading level+
Cost $10 per student. 
All materials provided. 
Students will learn different techniques for improving their descriptions to build mood and tone in their writing.

Writing Workshop - World Building
Tuesday, 1:oo-2:30
4th grade reading level+
Cost $10 per student.
All materials provided.
Students will learn to create and enhance story worlds that have a sense of space and culture.

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