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Some people foolishly call these "worksheets". But creative writing isn't's fun! So here are the fun sheets I've created for you, whether you're a kid who's learning to put your dreams into stories, or a grownup who's learning to dream like a kid.

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Character Creator
ages 8+
Study the drawing and fill in the blanks to create a main character with an interesting personality.

Monster Make-Over
ages 8+
Add to the drawing of a little monster and create three descriptive sentences to tell the story of how he got his dearest wish - to grow wings.

Title Teasers
ages 8+
Read short descriptions of three stories and make up a creative and exciting title for each.

Pick Your brain
Fill in the blanks to make this piece of a story your own - and then keep writing it!

Word Wizard
Use every word in the cloud to write a single story paragraph.

Magical Hair
Complete the drawing and write a story paragraph to go with it.

Plot Twister
Change the direction the story is going by making something unexpected happen.

the Perfect Word
Choose your favorite word from the list and complete the paragraph.

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