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Some people foolishly call these "worksheets". But creative writing isn't's fun! So here are the fun sheets I've created for you, whether you're a kid who's learning to put your dreams into stories, or a grownup who's learning to dream like a kid.

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Character Creator
ages 8+
Study the drawing and fill in the blanks to create a main character with an interesting personality.

Monster Make-Over
ages 8+
Add to the drawing of a little monster and create three descriptive sentences to tell the story of how he got his dearest wish - to grow wings.

Title Teasers
ages 8+
Read short descriptions of three stories and make up a creative and exciting title for each.

Pick Your brain
Fill in the blanks to make this piece of a story your own - and then keep writing it!

Word Wizard
Use every word in the cloud to write a single story paragraph.

Plot Twister
Change the direction the story is going by making something unexpected happen.

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