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Writing a new book takes a VERY loooooong time. 

But it's an exciting journey and that is why I'm excited to give you a few clues about what I'm working on now. It's an excitement that must be shared. 

In the world of novel-writing, we call our current project the WIP - or the work in progress.

My WIP is a tale of freedom and courage as usual, but it takes place in a distant time - about 1500 years ago, in a land called Britannia, in a period we like to call the dark ages. Now we only call it the dark ages because when it comes to what we know about it...even the experts are pretty much "in the dark".

It was a time when people stopped using things like stone and metal quite so much, and instead used wood and cloth which are materials that rot and fall to dust after hundreds of years, which means there's not much for archeologists to find when they go digging for clues to the past. And because the people who lived during the dark ages didn't leave us much in written materials, we don't know a whole lot about life back then. 

So it was the perfect setting for a story! 

That's your first clue.

The second clue is that this is a story about brothers. One brother who is strong and brave and capable...and a brother who is not. 

It's also about the beautiful fact that there is always more than one way of being strong, brave, and capable.

Some other fun tidbits:

This story takes place in the years leading up to the legend of King Arthur - but it's not about King Arthur. It was a dangerous time when new kingdoms were being created, often violently. There is a battle between new civilized ideas and ancient superstitions (druids!). And yes, there is a very special, very cheeky, raven in the story.

So here is your first glimpse of my new character, Bran. I'll let you guess which brother he is.

Now if you'll excuse me, if I ever want to get this book finished, I'd best get back to work!

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